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We are a software product and services company,
based in Bangalore, India.

We build web applications with Ruby on Rails.



ShopWhatsNew is an application which helps to showcase high-fashion brands in New Zealand. It allows users to create styleboards, wishlists, lookbooks, gallery and generally interact and socialize with other shoppers and fashion enthusiasts. It features a fast search engine and geolocation with dynamically updating catalog of products.

SWN runs on the Linux/Apache/Passenger/MySQL/Ruby-on-Rails stack. It uses Xapian search engine and has lots of Javascript/jQuery driving the front end. We designed and developed SWN from scratch for our clients and we continue to run and scale it.


mClinica is a unique mobile health platform that improves access and adhrerence of medicines to patients in multiple countries.

mClinica relies on its unique SMS and mobile technology platform, pharmacy network and partnerships with global pharmaceutical companies.

mClinica is designed to be highly configurable by business users. The platform supports multiple languages and has backend integrations with SMS gateways and other providers in several countries.

mClinica runs on the Linux/Apache/Passenger/MySQL/Ruby-on-Rails stack and uses Ruby custom scripts and Rake tasks. We developed mClinica from scratch and we continue to develop and run it.


Onthru is a lead generation service for small and local businesses. Using onthru, businesses can set up a lead generation site, a unique toll-free number and a unique email address. Onthru provides the online marketing for them and charges for each lead generated.

Onthru is a smart integration of several third party services to handle lead generation, lead management, forwarding and a CRM. It also has a content management system to set up mini-websites for lead capturing. Onthru runs on the Linux/Apache/Passenger/MySQL/Ruby-on-Rails stack and extensively use thrid-party API integration.


EarningsCast is an app designed to make it easy for financial analysts to listen, record, follow and analyze earnings calls of public listed companies. It aims to be the central place to go to listen to these calls, look at all the materials associated with such conference calls and generally discuss and engage other analysts.

EarningsCast employed a wide array of technologies to record and process earnings calls. It also collects earnings related information like earnings estimates, market predictions etc. from various sources over the web and elsewhere. It also has online streaming for live calls. We designed and developed EarningsCast.


Stevens' Course Management System is an enterprise application used by Stevens University, New York, for managing their regular and on-demand courses, faculty, students and operations around scheduling and conducting the courses.

SFCC makes heavy use of Javascript & jQuery to make the user experience seem smooth and almost real time so that their large number of staff and faculty could use the system as part of their daily work routine. We designed and developed this very successful and heavily used application.


AchieveBookings is an enterprise application for managing public spaces such as rooms, buildings, wedding halls, sports facilities. It allows creating bookings, customizing the booking flow, payments, calendar, multi-level authorization and oversight etc. It is designed to be used in as a high transaction volume system. AchieveBookings is currently being used by several county governments in U.K.

We designed and developed the whole system including a high level of performance optimization.


DateMyMate is a web 2.0 application for dating with a twist – you can only signup with a recommendation from a friend. It then involves the friend (called meddler) in the dating game allowing them to recommend profiles to their dater friends.

We did the development while graphic design was done by an external designer. The whole application was planned, developed, tested and deployed to production within 3 months and is currently running very well. We are still with DMM – improving it and generally making sure it running well.


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