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Ensnare - Ruby on Rails gem to detect break-in attempts in your application

Essential reading for the discerning Rails developer

A comprehensive reading list for Ruby and RoR developers.

How to implement a Store locator

A tutorial on how to implement a map based store locator based on user’s current location and other preferences.

How to estimate a project

For those with an application idea and those looking to implement the idea, here’s how to go about creating an time and cost estimate.

Redirecting www URL requests to non-www URL (and vice-versa) in Rails 3

A brief tutorial on how to support both www and without www URLs for your application if you are using Rails 3.

How to deprecate methods and constants in Rails 3

Rails 3 has added method deprecation. Make use of it.

How to tackle boilerplate coding in Rails

Speed up software development work by focusing on the creative pieces and automating the mundane and repeatitive.

Dead Simple CMS

A tuturial on how to let the business owners modify content pages in your application without adding a separate CMS plugin.

Rails testing 101

Learn how to do automated testing with Rails.

A real life RESTful Rails application

Introduction to REST architecture pattern and how to use it gainfully in your Rails application.

Web 2.0 application development with RoR - slides

Slides from the recent training I delivered at Hewlett Packard India

DB Backups

A simple script to backup your MySQL database that you can use with Ruby on Rails based apps.

Rails migrations revisited

A quick word on how to manage database migrations in RoR.

Background job processing in Rails with delayed_job

A full lendth tutorial on background queue management using delayed_job